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Humans VS. Bugs – How to Win

It’s always a battle – human vs. bugs. When you’re outside, you’re bound to encounter a wide array of critters. But, when you’re inside your home, it’s a different story. After all, you want to defend your home against an invasion of insects, some of which can actually damage your home. And, with the right products from Cape Ace Hardware, you can come out on top. Here are a few methods for keeping your home bug-free, plus a few tips for keeping them away when you’re outdoors.

Maryland’s Most Common House Bugs

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The moment warmer weather arrives in Maryland, it seems that the human vs. bugs battle picks up right where it left off. According to the University of Maryland Extension Home & Garden Information Center, some of the most common bugs found in the state include:

  • Flies/ Fleas
  • Crickets
  • Silverfish
  • Fruit Flies
  • Centipedes
  • Carpenter/ Pavement Ants
  • German Cockroaches

Prevent Bugs from Breaking In

The last thing you need is to find an infestation in your home. It takes a lot more work – and money – to remove certain pests once they’ve gained a foothold. Therefore, prevention is critical. As most bugs enter through open windows and doors, it’s essential to ensure your screens fit snugly within the frames. Other times, bugs may enter the home through gaps, holes, or cracks from the outside of your home. To combat this, find a caulking product to help you seal off any problem spots around doors, windows, baseboards, and the foundation.

Even after addressing those problem areas, the human vs. bugs fight is still long from over. Some additional things you can do to prevent bugs from invading your home include:

  • Vacuum frequently
  • Ventilate crawl spaces
  • Take the trash out at least once per day
  • Check pets for fleas and bathe them routinely
  • Store firewood and building materials away from your home
  • Keep your grass cut short, garden weeded and branches trimmed
  • Store food products in the refrigerator, freezer or in sealed containers
  • Clean regularly, ensuring food debris is properly discarded and your sheets are changed
  • Eliminate areas of standing water, both indoors and outdoors, as well as sources of leaks

You Have Bugs. Now What?

Unfortunately, bugs do not show themselves out of your home in the same way they let themselves in. On the bright side, there are a number of remedies available at Cape Ace Hardware to rid your house of pests. For instance, Bug-A-Salt guns for flies, bug traps, and bug zappers may do the trick.

There are even ways to keep bugs at bay when you’re relaxing outside on your patio. Aside from skin bug sprays, the most popular bug repellant is citronella candles, which are effective at keeping mosquitoes away. Additionally, you could also pick up a bug net for your hammock and consider changing your outdoor white lights to yellow bug lights.

Stop in Today to Keep the Bugs at Bay

Bugs inside the home are not to be ignored, as they can cause structural damage to your home and yard should they choose to breed and bore into your walls, floor, or trees. So, don’t fight the human vs. bugs battle alone! Cape Ace is open seven days per week to help you find the best products for your situation. Already know what you need? Save time with our free in-store pickup. For more information, call Cape Ace Hardware today at 410-757-0199.

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