The Big Green Egg

It is no secret that we all love food, and frankly it borders on obsession. We love researching food, preparing food, taking pictures of food, inviting friends and family over to celebrate food, and most of all, eating food. We enjoy to finding new recipes to share, interesting dishes to try, and new methods of cooking. The Big Green Egg is one cooking tool you may have heard of and love, or you may be giggling to yourself as you considering cooking in an egg. Regardless of whether you are a novice “Egg cooker” or a seasoned pro, you will not deny that cooking with The Big Green Egg is an experience. And, the food is remarkable.

What is the Big Green Egg?

It is a version of the Asian Kamado cooker. It is believed that the Chinese introduced this concept to the Japanese over 1700 hundred years ago. Over time, the Japanese refined the cooker and developed into what they called a mushikamado, or “rice cooker.”

Eventually, it was retrofitted with a grate for roasting meat. It is this version that Westerners discovered after WWII and began shipping back home to the U.S. in cargo planes. In light of their popularity, not very long after that, American companies began producing their own version of Kamado grills.

The Big Green Egg is one of those Kamado grills. It claims to be the best due to patented components and state-of-the-art technology, which combined offer improved insulation, thermal shock tolerance, and material strength. The manufacturers profess that the Egg will not crack or deteriorate over time. The Big Green Egg offers an outstanding Best-In-Class limited lifetime warranty. Many times, families will pass the Egg down to the next generation.

Why do folks love the Egg so much?

It is just about the most versatile cooking vessel on the planet! The Big Green Egg has precise temperature control. The temperature gauge guarantees accuracy to 750 degrees. It can be used as a standard grill, an oven to roast or bake, to slow cook, and even to smoke. This cooking vessel allows for the chef to be creative and explore cooking in ways you may never have considered. You can bake a pizza, cobbler or pie; you can smoke meats, cheeses, and nuts; you can smoke fish or ribs, or grill the perfect porterhouse.

Your Cape Ace is proud to be a registered dealer of The Big Green Egg. We have plenty of models in, just in time for the summer grilling season. We encourage you to please stop in and check out this amazing piece of equipment. Find out why The Big Green Egg is worth the investment, and why families “will it” to their favorite relatives. You may never want to cook in your kitchen again!

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