19 Ideas That Only Need 1 Can of Paint

We all have them, the collection. The gallons of paint that go unused. Whether you estimated too much or just have a surplus, we have 19 weekend painting ideas you can do to use them up! Don’t have any leftover paint? No worries. Just stop into Cape Ace in our Paint Department. It’s amazing what some fresh new paint can do!

  1. front door weekend painting projects

    Make your front door stand out!
    Source: Pinterest

    Paint the front door. Not only does this create an inviting entrance to welcome friends and family, it also makes your house stand out on a street of plain doors. Let your personality shine.

  2. Paint the trim around the windows. This is great for leftover white paint and it is surprising how dull they can get over time.
  3. Painting an accent wall is a great way to spruce up any room. You can use bright colors or just a darker neutral to really draw the eye.
  4. Add an interesting accent to all four walls. Try painting a wide stripe a third up from the bottom, around the top or mid-way. Perhaps triangular accents in the top or bottom corners.
  5. Redo a piece of furniture. This needs to explanation but sometimes need inspiration. If you ask us, check out this, this and this for starters.
  6. dipped legs weekend painting ideas

    Paint a piece to standout. Dip the legs for a more modern style.
    Source: theweatherdoor.com

    Dip some accessories. It’s all the trend right now to dip accessories in a splash of color. From candlesticks to mason jars, you can even dip furniture legs.

  7. Add a splash to your staircase. Paint the back of stair treads or add a strip from top to bottom. You can go bold or subtle here. The possibilities are endless.
  8. Renew thrift store finds. Pick up a great find a the thrift store or at a yard sale? Repaint it to give it new life and incorporate it into your space.
  9. Add cheer to kitchen stools. Tired of your old kitchenette stools? Repaint them or add an interesting design. They can even become a conversation starter.
  10. Transform your bookshelf from a backdrop to a centerpiece by painting the back of it. Use it to display a combination of books and unique accessories.
  11. Add detailing on your door trim. Add color to your panel doors and make the trim stand out to make an artistic statement.
  12. bathroom vanity weekend painting ideas

    Freshen up your bathroom vanity.
    Source: BlesserHouse.com

    Update your bathroom vanity.  A fresh coat of paint can completely renew an old vanity and give a bathroom a whole new look.

  13. Personized the planters. Renew old planters, or pick up a few clay pots. This is a project for the whole family!
  14. Create unique desk organizers. Raid the recycling bin for coffee, soup cans, and bottles. Peel off the labels and paint them to make containers for organizing your desk.
  15. Brighten the wall trim. Make a room stand out by simply adding color to the wall trim around the floor, windows and ceilings.
  16. Freshen up your bedroom furniture. Paint your bed frame or side tables. Add color to your dresser drawer fronts to at a splash of interest.
  17. Personalized baskets for storage. Use stencils to paint words, initials or designs of baskets. Or, paint the entire basket to for a whole new look.
  18. Redo your office desk. Have an old desk sitting in storage? Why not repaint it and give it a new purpose? It could look great on the front porch decorated with flowers and planters.
  19. Make your mailbox unique. Adding color or a design will make your mailbox stand out. Paint the whole box or simply stencil your name and address.
  20. Brighten your kitchen backsplash. Add color to the kitchen. Painting your backsplash allows you to brighten the room without a bold commitment.

Have a little free time this weekend? Why not try one of our weekend painting ideas and show us on Facebook. Another reason why your Cape Ace Is The Place. We have everything you need for all your weekend painting projects and so much more.