Is your home prepared to stand up against the upcoming cold weather? Well, there’s an easy, inexpensive way to immediately help keep your house warm and toasty this winter. Simply add new weather stripping on your windows. Weather stripping prevents the windows from getting drafty, and it’s a nice cosmetic upgrade to the old strips you’re currently using. Follow these step-by-step instructions for weather stripping on windows.   

Step 1: Buy the Supplies

For this project, you’ll need:

weather stripping on windows feature

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  • 1 package of weather stripping
  • Measuring tape
  • Utility knife/scissors
  • Finish nails
  • Hammer

There are several different types of weather stripping available. Foam tape works great on the top and bottom of window sashes. On the other hand, V-channel tape is ideal for the sides of a double-hung or sliding window. Just remember to read the package to make sure you’re getting one that works for your windows. For this tutorial, we’ll be covering the steps for a double-hung window

Step 2: Prep the Window

If the old weather stripping is still on, go ahead and remove it. Some kinds will simply peel off. For others, you may have to remove the nails and fasteners. Once that’s done, clean the sash with soap and water. Wait for it to completely dry before moving on.

Step 3: Measure and Cut the Strips

You’ll need to cut strips for each side of the inner and outer sash. You’ll also need strips for the bottom of the inner sash and the top of the outer sash. Measure the length of all of these places and cut the strips accordingly.

Step 4: Apply the Strips

Next, raise the inner sash as far as it will go. In other words, open the window all the way. Now it’s time to start applying the strips. Most strips come with adhesive backing to make this step easy. Peel away the backing, but not all the way. You’ll want to leave about 1 inch of it at the top.

After that, you can apply the strips one at a time. Start from the bottom of the window near the sill and work your way up. Use your fingers to guide the strip firmly into place. Once you reach the top, fold the V over so that it’s facing inside. The 1-inch piece with the backing still on it should be remaining at the top. Tuck this piece up between the sash and jamb. Now, do the opposite side and close the window.

Now that the window is closed, you should see the two 1-inch pieces with the backing sticking out. You can remove the backing and press the piece into place on either side. You may want to hammer in some nails to secure each strip.

Step 5: Repeat for the Outer Sash

Since this is for a double-hung window, it’s time to do the outer sash next. Lower it down as far as it will go and repeat Step 4.

Step 6: Apply Weather Stripping to the Bottom and Top

Once the sides are complete, you can add weather stripping to the bottom and top of the sash. Start with the bottom. Raise the inner sash to gain access for an easy application. After that, lower the outer sash so you can see the top and apply a strip there, as well. Finally, you’ll want to expose the inner face of the outer sash and apply weather stripping with the V facing down.

Now that you know how to apply weather stripping on windows, it’s time to try it out yourself. Stop into Cape Ace Hardware in Annapolis, MD to pick up your supplies. If you need help or have any questions, feel free to ask a store associate. They’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.