As a homeowner, a nice lush lawn in the ultimate goal. There is pride in a well-manicured lawn. However, to keep your lawn from looking like an overgrown forest, it’s important to make sure you mow on a consistent basis. It is even more important if you are trying to grow grass. Most people think to let it grown as long as possible, then cutting it, will help grow their lawn. In reality, this causes stress on the grass. To avoid that, small and frequent trimming is recommended. To do so, you will need to have a lawn mower that operates effectively. Make sure you give regular maintenance to your lawn mower. This helps it to stay in quality operating condition. Learning how to tune-up your lawn mower allows you to save money on maintenance costs as well as keep on track with grass cutting.

Tune-Up Your Lawn Mower

Tune-Up Your Lawn MowerGetting started will require a few items. Before you tune-up your lawn mower, you will need:

  • a socket wrench
  • spark plug wrench
  • locking pliers
  • screwdriver
  • work gloves
  • drain pan
  • motor oil and gas
  • spark plug
  • air filter
Step #1. Disconnect the Spark Plug

The first step before you get started with the tune-up is to disconnect the spark plug. This is a safety precaution as you will be touching the blades of the mower. The mower cannot accidentally start up if you remove the spark plug. Locate the plug wire and then disconnect it with your hands.

Step #2. Draining the Oil

The next step is to drain the oil from the mower. You should be able to use the owner’s manual to see how your specific mower needs to be drained. If you do not have your manual, use the internet to search for the make and model of your mower. A push mower has a drain plug that you can remove, and it’s located in the undercarriage. So, you can remove the plug and tilt the mower onto its side to drain the oil.

Moreover, be sure to pour the oil into a pan and then dispose of the oil properly. Do not put the oil down the drain or into a garbage can. Auto body shops will often dispose of oil for you, so ask around about this option.

Step #3. Replacing the Air Filter

Mowers are used regularly, so the air filter can quickly become clogged with debris and oil after a season or two of use. Replace the filter before every mowing season to protect the engine. To do this, use your screwdriver to remove the cover of the air filter. The air filter is typically made of foam or paper. Simple remove the old one and replace with a new one.

Step #4. Changing the Spark Plug

The spark plug on a lawnmower needs to be replaced regularly to ensure proper operation. The spark plug has an electrode that is inserted into the mower. You will need to remove the old plug by using the spark plug wrench. Then, place the new one into the socket. Be careful when tightening the new one to avoid damaging the porcelain tip.

Step #5. Sharpen the Blades

The blades of your lawn mower need to be sharpened to provide quality cutting of your lawn. You can use a bench grinder or metal file to sharpen your blades. The blades will have to be removed to do it yourself. You can use a socket wrench to remove the bolt that holds the blade in place. Also, remember to use work gloves to avoid cutting your hands.

Step #6. Replacing Gas and Oil, Reconnect Spark Plug

Finally, the last step to tune-up your lawn mower is to replace the oil and gas in your mower and reconnect the spark plug. Now you’re ready to start cutting grass this season!

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