Summer Coolers and Accessories You’ll Love

Whether you’re camping in the woods or taking yourself on a relaxing fishing trip, you can’t forget the essentials. We’re talking everything you need to beat the incredible Maryland heat. Especially now, as we move past the record-breaking heatwave. At Cape Ace, we have the summer coolers, stainless steel tumblers, and other accessories you need to keep food and drinks cool. Read on to see how these products can enhance your summer activities.

Coolers Made for Summer

summer coolers

Keep drinks close by as you enjoy the great outdoors with our lineup of summer coolers at Cape Ace. Our coolers are available in a range of sizes, so no matter the duration of the trip, you can pack everything you need. For instance, if you’re planning a solo kayak paddle to find some peace of mind, a smaller handheld cooler should suffice. It’s very easy to transport and offers plenty of room for snacks and drinks. Conversely, if you have a fishing trip with a large group on the books, a large cooler on wheels should do the trick. Not to mention, you’ll have enough space to bring home your catch.

At Cape Ace Hardware, we also offer the finest summer coolers by YETI. You can choose from hard and soft coolers of all sizes, built to last for seasons to come. All YETI coolers are constructed with the same technology used in whitewater kayaks, providing the strength you can depend on. Plus, they feature twice the amount of insulation than the average cooler, so your ice won’t melt nearly as quickly. In fact, some YETI users report that their ice lasted for an entire two-week vacation! Even more, if you’re using the cooler for hot items, they’ll remain hot for hours on end as well.

Accessories to Match

Whatever you choose to bring along in your summer coolers, we’ve got the thermoses, jugs, bottles, and more to keep it all cool and convenient. Of course, there is a YETI tumbler for every type of beverage you can imagine, hot or cold. And, thanks to stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation, hot beverages stay hot while cold beverages stay cold – regardless of the weather. There are even YETI tumblers designed just for wine!

Needless to say, you’ll need something to pack the accessories for your summer coolers. From backpacks to duffle bags, Cape Ace always has the gear in stock for all of your adventures. Whether you’re spending a day on the hiking trails or an entire week camping in the mountains, don’t stress. After a quick visit to our store, you won’t have a problem packing everything you need while also keeping your belongings protected from the weather and wildlife.

Start Your Adventure Here

No matter where the season takes you, find the summer coolers and accessories you need for your outdoor excursions at Cape Ace. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will assist you in finding the necessary supplies for camping, fishing, hunting and more. We are open seven days per week at 1337 Cape St. Claire Road in Annapolis. To learn more, stop in today or contact us at 410-757-0797.