When the winter starts winding down some folks start itching to get out in the yard and start digging in the dirt. What is the first thing to spruce up this spring? Where should you begin? We’ve got some spring gardening tips to help get you organized and ready for when the weather finally breaks.

1. Assess and Repair

Go through your tool shed or garage and gather all your gardening tools, including any power tools such as your mower or edger. Perform tune-ups or repair any instruments that are rusty or broken. Sharpen hand trimmers and mower blades. Assess whether you may need to replace any utensils.

 2. Clean out the garden and flower beds

Next, clean out your flower beds and the garden. Meaning, remove any gathered rubbish and debris. Pull any weeds and dead plants from last year. Make sure to get the weeds, including the roots. That way, you will prevent further growth. Also, consider adding some of these to your compost.

3. Revitalize the Soil

The soil may be dried up and packed after the winter. If old mulch has composted, use it as you cultivate the ground and break up the dirt. Add moisture and organic material like compost or manure. This all serves to fertilize the soil and prepare for planting.

4. Trim and Prune Plants

Trim shrubs, bushes, and trees to remove any overgrowth or dead branches and limbs. It is best to start the season fresh, and there are many plants that can, and need, to be trimmed back completely to promote proper growth. Some prefer hand trimmers for better control. However, electric trimmers may make the work faster.

5. Lay Mulch

Once the beds are cleaned up, it is time to lay mulch. That way, the soil will retain the loving care that you invested. It helps to keep the soil moist and weed free.

6. Mow the Grass

The first time you cut your grass in the spring, it is important to not damage the lawn. The key is to set your blades to a high setting and aim to remove no more than 1/3 inch. The first mowing will help to aerate the lawn and get it ready for fertilizing. It also promotes new growth, in hopes of growing a thick, lush lawn for the coming season.

7. Start Seeds

If you are planning on growing a garden from seeds, Spring is the time to begin sprouting your seeds. Come into our store, and we have seeds for any garden. If you are just looking for flowers, we have a variety to choose from. We also have seeds for those who want to start or revitalize their vegetable garden. If you have any questions, we are happy to help.

8. Plant Flowers

Avoid planting too early. Before you start, it is best to wait until the last frost has passed. Nothing is more frustrating than planting spring flowers and plants, only to have an arctic blast blow through and kill everything. If your favorite nursery is having a great sale that you don’t want to miss, but you are afraid to plant, go ahead and get the plants. But hold off planting. Keep them in the house or on an enclosed porch until you feel assured of the weather.

Whether you love gardening or find it to be a chore, these gardening tips will help make the task that much easier. Need to replace tools? In the market for a new mower? Or do you have to pick up a fresh pair of gloves? Cape Ace has everything you need from leaf bags to mulch, even knee pads, and wheelbarrows. Help with Spring gardening…another reason your Cape Ace is The Place!