Get Your House Ready for Warmer Weather

The thought of spring-cleaning may seem overwhelming and a huge hassle but it doesn’t have to be. Seasonal organizing begins with creating a simple checklist. The proper planning can turn this daunting yearly task into mini cleaning and organizing sessions. This list can be divided up among everyone in the household. If everyone works together, your home could be in top shape in no time. An organized and clean house also allows you to enjoy the coming warm weather months.

The customer service professionals at the Cape St. Claire ACE Hardware offer expert advice for all your spring cleaning and organizing. The store offers an assortment of products from cleaning supplies to a variety of storage and decluttering tools.

The following list is a great place to start, and it allows you to itemize tasks. You can check off items one at a time, which helps to relieve anxiety about where to begin.

  • Wipe down walls and spot paint touch-up
  • Dust ceiling for cobwebs
  • Clean ceiling fans and lighting fixtures
  • Wipe down doorknobs, light switches, remote controls and any household land line phone headsets
  • Vacuum and clean upholstery
  • Dust blinds and launder drapery or window treatments
  • Wash windows and sills (especially sliding door tracks)
  • Patch, repair or replace screens (windows, sliding doors, or switch out glass for screens in storm doors)
  • Change batteries in your smoke detectors. (Okay this isn’t technically cleaning , just more of a friendly reminder!)
  • Wash wood floors and clean all carpeting, whether wall to wall or area, according to manufacturer’s directions
  • Dust under all appliances and furniture and beds
  • Vacuum refrigerator coils and clean the oven
  • Defrost freezer and organize pantry or food cabinets.
  • Clean small appliances (such as the coffee pot, toaster, microwave)
  • Rotate mattresses, launder all bedding and, if necessary, replace pillows
  • Clean out medicine cabinet and update first aid kit
  • Deep clean tile and reseal the grout
  • Clean out your computer by deleting any unused or redundant files
  • Switch out cold weather/warm weather apparel and donate unused shoes and other clothing items
  • Clean out basement and donate unwanted items (protect the items you have by placing them in weather proof containers and elevating on bricks or concrete blocks)

The ACE Hardware in Cape St. Claire has a variety of cleaning and organizing supplies. We can help you prepare for any task or project, no matter the magnitude. Our friendly and knowledge customer service staff can help you come up with a solution for any spring cleaning challenge.

We are proud of the products and services we offer our customers. Their dedication has made us the best hardware store in Annapolis.

Contact us today, or better yet stop by, and see why “ACE is the place” for all your spring cleaning needs.