Football Season is about to begin officially, and fans around the country have been patiently waiting for their favorite time of year. Here in the Chesapeake Region, as Raven’s fans are gearing up for a Sunday kickoff, excitement is building and parties are being planned. So, this season whether you are heading to the stadium or planning a living room gathering, look to your Cape Ace for everything you need to make your party a “raving” success!

If you are Whacko for Flacco here are some great products to stock up on to make your Ravens Football Party the best.

Flags and lawn decorations

What better way to show your support for your team than to let your colors fly? Bring out the purple to your front yard or tailgate with flags and silly lawn ornaments. Cape Ace even has Ravens-themed lawn flamingos, and who doesn’t need a lawn flamingo? We also have a variety of flags, including magnetized car flags, large flags for your porch or window, plus flags on stands perfect for decorating your tailgate.

Tervis Tumblers and accessories

Tervis Tumblers are great for keeping your cold drinks cold, and warm drinks warm. They are virtually shatterproof and offer a variety of accessories including lids and handles. The tumblers are great for the home and the stadium lot as they prevent spills and are useful in any weather condition. And to be fair…Cape Ace has a variety of NFL team tumblers (yes, even Redskins).

Weber Grills

What tailgate or house football party would be complete without grilling up some meat…Har! Har! Har! We have a variety of Weber grills that can make your football party delicious. Whether you like to cook slow and low over the charcoal, or the convenience of gas, there are so many options available at your Cape Ace.


Ok, what is a tchotchke? It is a funny word meaning that thing you absolutely must have that serves no real purpose. Tchotchkes are doodads, knickknacks, and doohickeys that add flair and style. They can be bobbleheads, decorative plant sticks, tree decorations, whimsical wall signs, bird baths, etc. Tchotchkes are great conversation starters, and just plain fun to have around.

Cups and plates and tablecloths

We have reusable party ware perfect for your gathering. Themed plates and tumblers that are plastic to avoid accidents, but reusable, and will last throughout the entire season. It will be convenient not to worry about guests breaking plates and cups. The tablecloths are the great way to a simply decorate, and add a little flair, both at home and at the stadium.

Drink Koozies and Car Magnets

These items are like the cherry on top of the sundae. They may not be necessary, but they sure look appetizing. And, let’s be honest, a drink koozie can be worth its weight in gold in hot weather to avoid a sweaty drink or in cold weather to protect your hands from a frosty beverage. Car magnets are a great way to show team pride while protecting your paint job.

Crazy fan gear

You can find everything you need deck yourself out and be “that fan.” We have wigs, face paint, necklaces, plastic rings, etc. So, you may swath yourself in Ravens from head to toe, or add just a splash of tactful color. Either one is just fine with us, no judgment here.

Pet jerseys

Even Fido and Spot can have the opportunity to show their support for the team. Cape Ace has pet jerseys for your favorite four-legged friends. And what couldn’t be cute than your pup or kitty running around the house cheering during the big game.

Stop in to Cape Ace today to see what we have in stock for your 2015 Baltimore Ravens Football Season…we are the best hardware store in Annapolis!

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