Cape Ace has all you would expect from a normal hardware store, but we believe in going above what is considered “normal.” We are notorious for stocking items that surprise our customers, often having them chuckling in the aisles or leaving them astonished, bewildered, and grateful for such an unusual find. One of these items is Poo~Pourri. No, that is not a typo, but, dare we say, a revolutionary product that, ahem, keeps the bathroom fresher than a mountain breeze.

The creator of Poo~Pourri, Suzy Batiz, has taken a taboo subject, smelly bathrooms, and generated a legitimate following, and a hugely successful business. The marketing is witty, if not a little gross, but extremely effective. The best part about Poo~Pourri? It really works!

Hopefully, your interest is piqued, and you are curious to know what exactly is Poo~Pourri. It is the secret to a great smelling bathroom, no matter what. We need to emphasize, NO MATTER WHAT. The product is a classy, sassy ultra-effective method that will leave the potty smelling even better than you found it.

In all seriousness, what is it and how does it work? It is a before-you-go toilet spray that comes in many scents, sure to please even the most sensitive nose. When you spray Poo~Pourri in the bowl before you go, the proprietary formula creates a protective barrier on the water’s surface. The barrier is designed to trap unpleasant odors beneath the surface and keep them out of the air. Therefore allowing only a refreshing bouquet of essential oils.

Poo~Pourri comes in many sizes and is even discreet enough to carry around with you where ever you go. It allows you not just cover up smells, but to improve the overall air quality of the restroom. The product is created using essential oils and is completely non-toxic and safe for the planet and septic systems. While it offers a 30-day Stink-Free Guarantee, customers everywhere wouldn’t dream of giving up their Poo~Pourri. Many people are hooked after only trying it once! Imagine, husbands, wives, coworkers, roommates, and children all can do their bathroom business while smelling like roses or jasmine or lemongrass or many of the other delightful scents Poo~Pourri has available.

The product has a comical sense, but a practical use, making it a great gift. It takes an embarrassing subject and allows us to laugh about it, but also be relieved in more way than one. If you are intrigued but still not convinced, click here to watch a humorous, yet informative video. Try Poo~Pourri once and you will understand that it is for everyone from the manliest man to the sweetest little grandma.

It is not available everywhere, and you will find it in only a few stores in and around the Annapolis area, including Cape Ace. The next time you are carousing our aisles make sure to check it out, or if you have heard of it and have been wondering where to find it, come and get it. Poo~Pourri is another reason why Cape Ace is the best hardware store in Annapolis…

Poo~Pourri is just one of the many products we are excited to offer because we believe it truly works…

“Spritz the bowl before you go, and no one will ever know!”