Cape Ace Pet Supplies

Love going everywhere with your dog? Cape Ace is a dog-friendly space that you can walk your dog in while you shop.

At Cape, Ace Hardware pets hold a special place in our hearts, so we understand how important they are to you. Not only do we love our animals, but we happen to live in one of the pet-friendliest cities! Annapolitans are known for being out and about, grabbing a bite to eat at patio cafes with our furry friends loyal curled up at our feet. We can be spotted browsing the aisles of our favorite stores with our pets in tow – Cape Ace too! They are family members, and we treat them that way. So for our furry friends, here are some popular pet supply trends. You can find a lot of these products at Cape Ace Hardware. We feel these products will enrich the lives of all our beloved four-legged family members.

Green Products

Pet owners are gravitating toward products that can reduce their critter’s carbon paw print. Many people are choosing pet products made with natural fabrics like cotton, hemp, and bamboo, especially for bedding, blankets, and chew toys. Non-toxic natural rubber and plant based dyes are becoming more commonplace. Folks are even searching for products made from recycled materials and BPA free plastics, like food and water dishes. Sensitive pet owners are looking for natural fiber collars and leashes which contribute to the environmental sustainability of the market.

Specialty Food Items

Health conscious trends are extending beyond making better food choices for ourselves and kids, to include our furry or feathered family members. Natural Pet Foods are appearing that cater to special diets for obese or diabetic pets. Because we are taking better care of our animals they are living longer, so manufacturers are producing foods for pets with tooth loss and decay. Some stores are reserving space for the refrigerated raw dog and cat food. Grain-free options are becoming more popular including such ingredients as chickpeas, lentils, and peas, decreasing the chance for allergies.

Wellness Products

Owners are searching for pet supplements to contribute to the health and well-being of their special family members. Many people are choosing to give their animals a daily vitamin just like the rest of the family. Folks also want to be able to pronounce all the ingredients in the foods and treats they are buying, such as those found in “Redbarn” Naturals chews and treats. They are looking for products that offer balanced nutrition, and less fillers.

Increased Flea and Tick Prevention

People are seeking out alternatives to traditional flea and tick control that is either fed to pets or applied to the skin. Some owner’s pets are experiencing skin reactions or getting sick from chemicals, so natural product are growing in popularity. Regardless of what you choose, flea and tick control is important in protecting your pet from illnesses like Lyme disease.

Fashionable Pet Accessories

Glamorous clothing and accessories are still hot pet supply trends among pet owners. Many consumers are willing to pay top dollar for bedazzled collars or leashes, or items with personalized messages. Pet clothing such as shirts supporting favorite sports teams and trendy jackets are super popular for dog owners. While fancy pet apparel is not as popular for cats, cat owners are purchasing fancy collars and are investing in cat houses with multiple stories to pamper their kitties.

At Cape Ace Hardware we welcome you to bring your beloved furry friend. We are a pet-friendly store and we love bringing our dogs to work. Cape Ace sincerely believe pets add quality and joy to life. At Cape Ace, you will find a variety of amazing pet products. Also, we are big advocates of giving back to other furry friends in need. Please consider donating to the SPCA of Anne Arundel County or adopting a new family member from them! Stop in to check out all of our pet supplies and you will see why we are the best hardware store in Annapolis. Ace is “The Place!”