Before you decide to sell your home, there is a hefty to-do list of upgrades and preparations to take on. One commonly understated element is the choice of paint colors. Believe it or not, exterior and interior paint colors can make a sizable difference in the price of your home. And, specific colors can even give the illusion that a room is bigger than it is. If you are planning to put your house on the market soon, here are some painting tips for selling your home.


painting tips for selling kitchen 2

Image source: House Decorates

Modern white kitchens are most likely to appeal to all homebuyers. Consider a neutral paint color to complement the white kitchen, such as tan, taupe or even a soft gray-blue. These shades also pair well with different styles of décor and kitchen items. Another kitchen color worth considering is yellow. Although, be sure to choose a light or pale yellow, and one that isn’t too bright, for a warm and inviting kitchen.

Living Area

painting tips for selling living room

The living area is where most families gather and spend the majority of their time, so the colors in this room are essential. For the most part, stick with neutrals for the living room as well. This area should be charming and peaceful, and brighter colors can actually create an opposing atmosphere. Preferred color choices include light blue, beige, brown, and pale gray. And, remember you can always add some color to the staging process with furniture and décor.

Exterior Paint

When it comes to exterior paint, it is ideal to add more than one shade of paint color. Using only one color for the outside of the home can make it appear drab and dull. Instead, choose one shade of paint for the exterior walls, and then choose an accent color for the shutters, doors, etc. The supplementary color will make your home pop while adding some curb appeal. In fact, homes that mixed gray and beige colors sold for more money. The exterior is the first aspect that potential home buyers will take notice of, so you should make certain that it is eye-catching and appealing.

Bedroomspainting tips for selling bedroom

Soothing and relaxing colors work well in bedrooms as well. Stick with the neutral colors mentioned above, like beige, dark gray, soft black, and cream colors to create a bedroom oasis that makes people feel calm and rejuvenated. And, better yet, ready to move in.

Front Door

Go with red! While it’s wise to avoid using bright shades of colors like red and pink in the interior of the home, you can try it out on the exterior front door. Red front doors are striking and have a nearly universal curb appeal. For more DIY painting tips, check out our suggestions for painting the ceiling or an accent wall.


painting tips for selling bathrom

While bathroom paint colors are not as noticeable as other rooms, they can still make a difference. You can choose soothing, earthy tones like periwinkle or light powder blue or you can go bold with oranges or greens. Keep in mind that bathrooms are usually smaller spaces, and darker colors can make the area appear even smaller.

With the right paint color choices, you can create the appearance of a bigger room. Paint also sets the tone of a room, whether you wish for a vibrant or soothing space. This can also be achieved through lighting as well. Try these invaluable painting tips for selling your home! Stop by Cape Ace for all of your high-quality paint, brushes, tape, and clean-up supplies.