Guide to Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is a great way to give your kitchen a new look without the costs of complete renovation. It is a perfect DIY project that really can change the entire look and feel of the whole room. Although it can be affordable, make sure you take the necessary steps to do it right. Taking the time means this DIY, low-cost project can help the value of your home. So, whether you want to give your cabinets a faux finish or simply freshen up the look, here are some tips to remember when painting your kitchen cabinets.

Materials Matter

First things first, determine what materials you are working with. Wood and laminate are the most typical materials you will find. Wood is actually one of the best surfaces to paint over. You can easily paint over unfinished wood, stained wood, or even those wood surfaces that have already been painted once before. On the other hand, while you can paint over laminate type cabinets, the finish will not last nearly as long. No matter what, we recommend you sand the surface. This helps the paint adhere to the cabinets. If it’s been painted many times, you may want to consider a paint thinner too.

PREP Your Kitchen Cabinets

painting kitchen cabinets home

Bright colors can really change the way your kitchen feels. Go bold when painting kitchen cabinets and still keep a clean/modern vibe.

The first step in painting kitchen cabinets is to empty them all out. Remove all of the cabinets, handles, and hinges on the drawers and doors. After doing so, clean both the inside and outside doors as they often have grease due to food and hands. While this can be cumbersome in some instances, the attention to detail will really shine through in the end. Also, consider labeling the drawers themselves so that you can reassemble them easily.

Once everything has been cleaned or removed, start taping over the areas you do not want the paint to touch. This is also a good time to start the sanding process and filling in any holes or blemishes you may find. Here is the checklist:

  • Empty Kitchen Cabinets
  • Remove Cabinets and Hardware
  • Clean Surfaces Inside & Out
  • Fill in the Holes

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets with Color

You might already know what you want or you might need some help. While there is a wide range of finishes, satin and semi-gloss are to the best ones to use. They have the perfect amount of sheen, which makes them easier to clean. If are still trying to determine color, check out our video:

At Cape Ace, we carry great brands. If you are still not sure what color you want, consider checking out The Paint Studio* to help find inspiration. Still not sure? Cape Ace associates are here to help! We have a dedicated department to help you pick the color that fits your kitchen cabinets or any project needs. Come in today!

*Cape Ace Hardware carries the following paint brands noted on our website.