When it comes to changing up the look of your home, nothing is more affordable or does the trick quite like paint. Paint can be used in several ways to change the style of any room, from painting the walls to the furniture and beyond. Here are a few fun and easy painting ideas for DIY projects in the home.

Choose a New Color

The easiest way to revamp a space is with a new color. Whether it be your bedroom or kitchen, changing the wall color can have a dramatic effect. Go bold with a bright green or blue. Or, choose to darken the space with a plum purple or deep gray. With so many colors to choose from, the hard part is not the painting but deciding which color to go with!

Mount Wall Molding

Create a unique look in the home by mounting wall molding and going for a two-tone effect. Add wall molding to the entire wall or bottom half of the wall in rectangular or square shapes. You can also paint the inside of the shape a darker shade of the wall color. This provides contrast and a unique look to the space. This design looks best in a bedroom or living room area.

Paint the Furniturepainting ideas 1

Paint can be used not only to refresh the walls and ceiling of a space but also for the furniture too. Purchasing new furniture can be quite expensive for homeowners. Therefore, instead of buying new items, repaint your existing furniture. Wood furniture and even laminate furnishings can be painted, thus creating a new look for your space.

When it comes to painting furniture, remember to do your homework beforehand. Depending on the material type, you may need a specific kind of paint. Chalk paint has become the latest trend in painting furniture. The paint type comes in a variety of bright colors and can be used to give furniture a new look. Paint furniture a solid color or add a pattern, the choice is yours! Painting furniture can be fun and an inexpensive way to revamp your old space.

Paint the Ceiling

If you want to create a bold look and draw the eye upward in a particular room, then paint the ceiling. Most homeowners only think about painting the walls, but the ceiling can be painted to create a dramatic effect or unique look to any room. A home with tray ceilings or other unique features overhead will look great with a second color on the ceiling. Also, opt for a bright color or contrasting color to the room, so the ceiling stands out.

Paint an Accent Wall

A tried and true way to spruce up a room is with an accent wall. Specifically, this technique works best in a living room or bedroom. Take a bedroom, for example. The wall that your bed rests against is the perfect space for an accent wall. Choose a bold color for this wall, and paint the remaining walls a different color. This will make the accent wall stand out and create a focal point. Also, Shiplap, or Planking, is one of the latest trends in interior design. So, consider this style for your accent wall. But, what happens if it goes out of style? Luckily, you can avoid the table saw and holes in your wall by using paint instead.

As you can see, with a quick stroke of a paintbrush, you can transform your home! Paint is affordable and an excellent way to achieve a new look in the home without a major renovation. These are just a few painting ideas for all of your DIY adventures. But, if you need some inspiration, check out our blog for some weekend painting ideas that require just one can of paint!