Are you getting ready to give your living room a make-over? Does your bedroom need a little pizazz? When you are starting a painting project, the variety of the color palettes can be a little overwhelming. If you deed some design inspiration, we have some awesome paint trends for 2017. Look no further than Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year. It is Shadow 2117-30. They are calling it “allusive and enigmatic ~ a master of ambiance.” But what does all that mean, and how can you incorporate this bold hue into your home?

As an added bonus, with the release of the Color of the Year, Benjamin Moore creates an accompanying palette featuring 22 colors meant to compliment. And, this year’s caddy is filled with a wide range of exciting shades and tones, much like a box of jewels. From deep rich colors to muted neutrals, there is really no end to the combinations. And, what’s more, because they are custom designed to work together, you will never get a combo wrong!

The Ultimate Inspiration

When creating this year’s offering, the BM Color Studio gave consideration to color relationships between color families. What they discovered helped them produce a new level of color confidence featuring deeper hues. Their goal was to illustrate the use of color in ways that observe and glorify how light and shadow travel and transform a space throughout a single day. And, while fine art was the ultimate inspiration, these colors work to compliment any home. The Color Trends 2017 color card include the following 23 hues:

  • Shadow 2117-30
  • Amulet AF-365
  • Salamander 2050-10
  • Guacamole 2144-10
  • Sandlot Gray 2107-50
  • Sea Star 2123-30
  • Etruscan AF-355
  • Chalk White 2126-70
  • Porcelain 2113-60
  • Sea Life 2118-40
  • Stormy Monday 2112-50

  • Grandfather Clock Brown 2096-30
  • Wet Concrete 2114-40
  • Cloud Cover OC-25
  • Dinner Party AF-300
  • Wish AF-680
  • Night Shade 2116-10
  • Knoxville Gray HC-160
  • Ebony King 2132-20
  • Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20
  • Pink Bliss 2093-70
  • Iceberg 2122-50
  • Dark Burgundy 2075-10

A Cape Ace Exclusive

Because Cape Ace is a registered Benjamin Moore retailer, we can exclusively offer, for purchase, pint paint samples in any hue BM has to offer. Need assistance choosing the perfect palette for your home from the paint trends for 2017? Our knowledgeable and friendly team is here to help. The Benjamin Moore Color of the Year and Color Trends 2017 color card is another reason why Cape Ace is your place, for painting projects.