We may only use them once a year, but using proper techniques for organizing and story holiday decorations ensures they will stay preserved for years. For some, our holiday decorations are collections that include antiques, family heirlooms or delicate homemade items, all of which you cherish. It is important to be mindful of where you’re storing the items and the containers in which you are storing them. Here are three steps that will not only help you become organized but take away any headaches when decorating next year.

1. Declutter

Go through your holiday decorations and donate or get rid of items that you no longer use. Throw away or repair broken ornaments and decorations. Consider keeping the things that are valuable, give others to family members or local charities. There is no use in keeping and storing decorations that you do not intend on using.

2. Organize

Take the items that you plan on keeping and organize them into the following categories:



Freestanding Decorations

Lawn Ornaments

Holiday Plates and Serving Dishes



Miscellaneous Decorations

3. Gather the Right Storage

Once you have categorized all of your holiday decorations, figure out what type of storage protects them best. Clean containers are great for being able to easily tell what is in it. This is a great solution for those who will have multiple holiday storage containers. We recommend getting special divided containers for ornament storage, especially if the ornaments are delicate. Also, consider putting all ribbons, ornaments hanging hooks, replacement bulbs and fuses in a small box for easy access. Other things to consider:

Make sure you have enough containers, as not to overstuff them. That way, everything has sufficient space and will not break or get crushed.

Wrap delicate or glass items in tissue paper. Put them in a box in a container to help give them extra protection.

Plan on storing all the holiday decorations in the same area. Therefore you will not forget about anything, and it will all be easy to find the following year.

Use airtight containers to protect fragile paper items or anything containing food, like those homemade macaroni decorations we will never part with. These containers will protect the decorations from the elements, plus critters and insects.

Cape Ace Hardware offers an excellent selection of containers for organizing and storing holiday decorations. Come on in and check out our supply. Need something, but cannot locate it? Ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates. Our team strives to offer the best customer service possible. We may have a solution you might not have thought of! Holiday storage solutions…another reason why your Cape Ace is The Place.