new college student Things Every New College Student Should Have 1Attending college for the first time is both an exciting and scary feeling. Students get to experience living in a new location, make new friends and take care of themselves for the first time. Nevertheless, for a new college student, it can be a bit overwhelming thinking about all of the new changes ahead. Luckily, you can help make their transition to college smoother by providing them with the essentials they need. That way they can feel more confident and prepared to ace freshmen year.


While you may not think about purchasing tools as part of a college supply list, it’s likely that it will be put to use. A new college student should have a basic tool kit to keep in their dorm room or car. Should they have a flat tire, need to hang a picture frame, or repair something in their room, a simple toolset will come in handy.


Many dorm rooms or student apartments are relatively small. But, having storage containers for a students’ belongings can help the room feel and appear more organized. Storage bins are great for storing extra clothes, school supplies, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. Also, you can add some wall shelves for pictures and other keepsakes. In many cases, college students can hide the containers underneath their bed. But, if there is not enough room for storage, you can also purchase bed lifts to create space.


Let them add their own personal touch to the room with personalized décor. Think about items such as a clock wall, area rug, welcome mat, mirror, throw pillows, dry erase calendar, and picture frames. Also, adding lighting is another way to add comfort and serenity to the room. String lights are currently the latest and greatest in home accessories. Students can hang them on the bedposts, shelves, or walls. Not to mention, every student should have a desk lamp or a clip-on bed lamp for those late-night study sessions.

Additional Items

Don’t forget about the cleaning supplies, especially laundry detergent. Now that your new college student is in charge of doing their laundry, they’re going to need it. That is at least until they come home for a visit and bring it all home for you! Additionally, because many dorm rooms have communal bathrooms, your student will likely need a shower caddy to transport their essentials. And, simple cleaning supplies such as disinfectant spray and wipes, a handheld vacuum, paper towels, trash bags, and hand sanitizer are an excellent place to start.

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