Every homeowner dreams of creating a space that is warm, inviting and cozy. And whether you are planning a home remodel or preparing to sell, there are numerous ways to make your home a little homier. Lighting can easily complement the comfort and appeal of your home. Learning how to add light to the home can increase the value as well. Check out a few lighting ideas for your home below to keep the inspiration flowing.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

lighting ideas 1One area that can always use lighting is the exterior of the home. From the walkways to the landscaping, lighting can completely transform the outdoor area surrounding your home. Add landscape lighting to highlight paths and walkways as well as the beautiful elements of your home’s exterior. Introduce spotlight lighting to emphasize unique garden areas of your home or provide solar pathway lighting. That way guests can easily find their way to your front door during the nighttime hours. Also, think about how you entertain and what areas might need more lighting, like backyard decks.

Indoor Lighting Ideas

When you think of lighting, indoors is obvious, but your lighting options don’t have to be. Two areas to really consider adding unexpected light is the kitchen and staircases.

Installing under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen or add light to small areas, such as the pantry. By adding an unexpected element of lighting, it can provide a soft glow in the kitchen. It also offers just enough light to see in the room without having to turn on the overhead lights. Overall, the soft, dim lighting creates a warm and welcoming look to your kitchen.


lighting ideas 2Another great place in a staircase. Adding trend lighting provides helpful lighting when walking the stairs at night, as well as adding a design feature. This lighting type is helpful for young children who get up at night as well as adults who need a little extra lighting to walk safely in the dark.

With just a few lighting ideas, you can find ways to add light where you need it most or even add value to your home. Start small with projects like the undercabinet lighting in the kitchen to see how the additional lighting provides a quality element to the home. And, for all of your lighting tools and supplies, visit Cape Ace. We’ll help you gather everything that you need to make your home comfortable with some lighting ideas.