Ways to Honor the Fallen on Memorial Day

How does your family honor the fallen on Memorial Day? It’s important to join together and remember the brave men and women who gave their lives for us. Of course, there are lots of creative ways to commemorate the holiday, including fun activities and craft projects to teach the kids about the significance of the day. Here are some of our favorite Memorial Day activities to celebrate and honor the fallen.

Arts and Crafts & Other Activities

Interestingly, many years ago, Memorial Day was actually called Decoration Day because family members would bring flowers to soldiers’ graves. This holiday weekend, kids of all ages can connect with and have fun creating a Memorial Day craft to decorate the house. And, while they’re busy doing these Memorial Day crafts, you can talk to your kids about why the holiday is important and separate from other patriotic holidays. Some fun project ideas for kids include:

  1. honor the fallen craftsMake a wreath for the front door.
  2. Create a paper wind chime.
  3. Color a picture of a flag or war symbol.
  4. Paint terracotta planters.
  5. Plant red poppies (the official Memorial Day flower) in the yard.
  6. Make a U.S. flag out of popsicle sticks.
  7. Visit a war statue, monument or cemetery
  8. Bring cookies or cards to a veterans hospital.
  9. Bake a red, white and blue dessert.
  10. Paint USA flags on rocks.
  11. Make red, white and blue slime.
  12. Do a crossword puzzle, quiz or worksheet.

Teaching Your Kids about Memorial Day

As you work on your crafts, share some facts with your kids. Explain to them what Memorial Day means and why we celebrate it. Just use words and ideas that they can understand. Additionally, it might help to find a kids’ library book on the subject. You can also listen to wartime songs. Or, pop in a movie or TV show about the holiday. Not to mention, you can even play the movie in the background as they color, cut and glue their crafts.

honor the fallen feature

Do you have a family member who served in the war? Maybe they can talk to your kids about what the day means to them. If that person is no longer with us, find special ways to honor them with your kids. On the other hand, if you don’t have a specific family member to honor, you can always attend a local parade or watch an educational video about Memorial Day on YouTube.

You never know what your kids might be interested in. Perhaps, they’ll want to learn about the medals of honor awarded to soldiers. Maybe there’s a specific soldier they want to hear more about. And maybe they want to know the differences between Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day. As a whole, a great tip is to find out what they’re already learning in school. Then, you can find crafts and activities to expand upon.

Have Fun This Memorial Day Weekend

There are so many meaningful ways to honor the fallen with your kids this Memorial Day. Choose whatever works best for your family and remember to have fun, too. Also, as they grow and get older, you can change it up every year. Stop into Cape Ace Hardware to pick up your Memorial Day craft supplies. We can help you find paint, lawn and garden items and much more. Visit us at 1320 Cape Saint Claire Road today.