Outdoor Entertaining IdeasMaryland might not be able to make up its mind when it comes to when to transition from winter to spring, but we know it is coming! As the days get longer and the temperatures begin to warm, we are more than ready to be outside. After the on again off again cold weather, we are all looking forward to backyard gatherings. If outdoor entertaining is your thing, then you know how fun it is to share food, drinks, and fun times with friends and family. Here are some great ideas for outdoor entertaining.

Food & Drinks

The great part about outdoors is you can do just about anything when it comes to the food you serve. First, think about your guests. The menu should have a variety based on who is joining you. You could also have a potluck party, which is always a great way to save money and time but still get friends to gather.

For drinks, consider having large buckets of various colors to keep your beverage table organized. Designate each bucket for a particular drink. For example, use one for wine, bottled water, beer, sodas, juice boxes, etc. It can also be helpful for the host of the party, as you can tell what needs to be replenished from across the yard.

Always Consider This

It is always fun to have a themed party. One thing that is always helpful for Maryland parties is protection against mosquitos. Consider having a table dedicated to bug spray. You can also include sunscreen. Other things to consider when warding off bugs in your backyard:

  • citronella candles or torches
  • bug zapper
  • yard control
  • insect traps

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From benches to umbrellas, it is great to have multiple small seating areas instead of one large one. This allows people to mingle and find a spot they are comfortable in. Consider having patio seating on the deck and then beach seating around a fire pit. On a particularly hot or sunny day, think about having a few umbrellas or seating under some trees so people can escape the heat. Cape Ace has new 2017 Patio Collections. You can also find other outdoor entertaining equipment like:

  • gliders & swings
  • park benches
  • chairs
  • tables
  • gazebos & canopies
  • hammocks
  • umbrellas & bases
  • outdoor rugs
  • patio seating & dining collections
  • cushions & covers

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Fun Games

While Maryland is no stranger to games like cornhole and horseshoes, for bigger parties you might want to have more options. Another great game that can be enjoyed by everyone is Giant Jenga. This is great for both kids and adults.

Have we got you even more excited about this year’s backyard party season? Cape Ace has all the supplies you need to make these fun ideas for outdoor entertaining. Come on in and one of our friendly team members will help you find everything you need to get started! Creative outdoor entertaining ideas – another reason why your Cape Ace is the Place!