It is the time you have all been waiting for…no, not the start of the school year, no, not the Labor Day weekend, but, YES! FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE! (well, almost)

The countdown is in its final days and football fans everywhere are tolerating pre-season in anticipation for the first official kick-off. Whether you choose to support your favorite collegiate team or are revving up for the pros, there is no doubt there are festivities being planned. You may choose to whoop it up and tailgate in the parking lot with thousands of like-minded fans, or you may choose to throw down in your living room with friends and family. Whatever your plans may be, your Cape Ace has everything you need to start the season in comfort and style.

Here are some great accessories for your football party.

Lawn Chairs or Camping Chairs

It is a good idea to create some extra space for everyone to be comfortable in your TV room so consider moving around the furniture and setting up lawn chairs or camping chairs.
It goes without saying that folding camping chairs are a must at the tailgater! There are many options, some featuring a personal awning for sun protection, and built-in cupholders for your drink.

Banners and Flags

At home, let your team colors fly as a great way to let your guests know where the party is, or to rub it in your neighbor’s face how awesome your team is, well, just kidding about that last part. (not really)
At the stadium, you can show your pride and support for your favorite team. There are a variety of options for home and away, from magnetic car flags to portable flag poles, or large flags for your porch and little garden flags to adorn your walkway.

Coolers and Cups

Keeping extra drinks cold for your guest is super important and helps to keep everyone happy, and coolers are a perfect solution for this.
At the tailgate, coolers are a staple for keeping food and drinks cold without electricity.
Cape Ace has a variety of options that will surely keep your beverages frosty and your foods at safe temperatures. We also carry Tervis Tumblers which are great at keeping cold drinks cold, plus they are “virtually indestructible.”

These are just a few items to get your season started properly.

Stay tuned…in the next article we will give you advice for decorating and setting up for a team-themed gathering. While we may solve the dilemma of how to completely ensconce your home in your favorite team, the debate will continue to rage on: Ravens or Redskins?

Stop into Cape Ace Hardware for everything you need and more for your next football celebration…we are the best hardware store in Annapolis!

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