3 Easy Wall Art Projects for Your Home

If you have an empty wall that you don’t know what to do with, get creative with some DIY wall art projects. They’re the perfect way to add personality and style to any room. Whether you just moved into a new home or want to change up the décor, now’s the timet to start. Best of all, you don’t have to be an artist or a handyman to create something beautiful like wall art. For inspiration, check out the top three wall art projects we love here at Cape Ace Hardware.

1. Gallery Wall

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Gallery walls are extremely popular, but no two gallery walls ever look the same. That’s because you get to choose how you want yours to look. A gallery wall is a collection of different art pieces put together for a cohesive look. For example, some people create their own gallery wall of family photos. Others will use a gallery wall to display quotes, canvas art, posters, travel pictures, plants, and various home décor items.

In particular, gallery walls look great above the sofa, fireplace, or bed. They’re also an eye-catching addition to the hallway or staircase. Depending on what you hang, you’ll need a hammer and nails or a drill and screws. A tape measure and leveler will also come in handy. For lightweight objects, adhesive strips are an easy option too.

To create your gallery wall, start by gathering your pieces. What looks good together? Do the colors complement each other? Then, plan out how you want to arrange them. Once you’re happy with the design, hang them up and admire your creation.

2. DIY Wall Garden

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Every home needs a touch of greenery. What better way to fill an empty space than with your favorite plants? Whether you use real plants or fake plants, the pop of green helps bring the outside energy indoors. Plants can also create a relaxing atmosphere. So, instead of going for a simple potted plant on the floor, make a DIY wall garden instead. 

The first step is to find or make the planter. What is the plant going to sit in? You can use macramé with a ceramic pot or a glass container. Not to mention, these look great hanging from the ceiling. Or, you can use a unique wooden shelf, a piece of wire, or a trellis to create an indoor wall garden. Overall, you can make something small or something that covers the entire wall.

Now it’s time to pick out the plants. Some popular options for wall gardens include succulents, air plants, and moss. Keep in mind that plants with long hanging branches look beautiful overflowing from the planter.

3. Chalk Wall

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A chalk wall is an easy way to make a significant impact. It offers a unique twist on the classic accent wall. All you need is some black chalkboard paint, a few paintbrushes or rollers, and some chalk. In some cases, you might need to prepare the wall first. To do so, fill in any holes or divots with spackling paste. Then, use sandpaper to smooth it out. Finally, apply a coat of primer before adding the chalkboard paint.

Once the chalkboard wall is completely covered and 100% dry, you can decorate it. This project is perfect for kid’s bedrooms and playrooms as it allows them to draw, color, and have fun. But, it’s also great for kitchens and living spaces. For example, you can add a chalk wall over your coffee station. Then, you can draw pictures of mugs or write coffee-related phrases and words. Overall, this personal touch adds a little something extra to make the room feel more inviting.

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