It seems like you’ve only just finished tidying up after the end-of-year holidays, yet February is already drawing near. Valentine’s Day offers another opportunity to invest in some seasonal decorations. Door décor can help create a welcoming presence inside and outside of your home. Not to mention, you’ll help remind everyone in the neighborhood that love is in the air. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started on your Valentine’s Day door décor.

Create a Floral Heart Wreath

door décor feature

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like flowers and hearts. For a lasting look that you can use year after year, you’ll want to make the craft with artificial flowers and a heart-shaped grapevine wreath. From there, snip the stalks off of the artificial flowers as you would real flowers, leaving only about an inch left. Position the flowers around the grapevine wreath, distributing them evenly for a balanced feel. When you think you’ve got the correct placement for each flower, secure them with a touch of hot glue. You can hang the wreath with either a nail or hook for a trendy look this holiday. 

Repurpose an Old Picture Frame

The best part of any DIY project has to be finding new purposes for old materials lying around the house. This door décor idea starts with an old picture frame as the foundation for a cute and classy door fixture. Painting the frame with a sharp white or deep red will give it that signature Valentine’s Day look. Then, you can create an accompanying wreath by either searching local wooded areas or finding pliable, dried branching supplies at your local craft store. Search for berries, leaves, and branches that have a red or pink hue to them. Or, paint over the entire wreath with acrylic or crafts paint for a stand-out look. For easy hanging, you can use a wreath door hanger to hold up both the frame and the accent piece.

Design a “Lovely” Door Hanger

door décor hanger

For a simple, sleek design, try making a Valentine’s Day door hanger. Pick up a heart-shaped piece of wood and acrylic paints from a nearby craft or home goods store. Like any project where you need to paint wood, you can start with a primer to ensure that your colors really shine. Then, it’s up to you to create a cute pattern, design or festive saying that will get people in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. To create an extra layer of durability against the cold Maryland weather, apply a waterproof paint gloss as the final coat. For hanging this piece, you’ll need to drill two holes through the wood and create a string loop for securing from a nail or hook.

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