From the roasted turkey to the tasty pies, Thanksgiving is a lovely holiday that brings friends and family together. When preparing for the holiday food, don’t forget to choose the right decorations for the holiday table. There are many DIY options to help you create the perfect setup. You will not only have a beautiful setting for the meal, but you are sure to have fun in the process! Read on to see the many examples you can use to create a visually stunning DIY holiday table.

Antique Box Centerpiece

One way that you can dress up your holiday table is a lovely centerpiece. A unique way to do this is with an antique box. An antique tool box or window planter box can be whitewashed with paint and then set in the middle of the table to create the base for a beautiful centerpiece. To begin, fill the box with pumpkins, colorful fall leaves, and flowers to set the tone for your meal. Then, use a table runner underneath the box for a pop of color.

Pumpkin Patch FunDIY holiday table decorations

Another great way to add color and visual interest to the table is to create a small pumpkin patch. Use fake pumpkins purchased at a craft store or the real deal to create the look of a pumpkin patch. Also, be sure to include leaves and various colored pumpkins for an authentic look.

Pumpkin Lighting

Nothing creates a festive mood more than lighting! With this unique pumpkin lighting DIY craft, you can add a unique centerpiece to your holiday table. Purchase real pumpkins in small size and cut off the top stem. Then, place the small pumpkins in a line at the center of your table. After that, put one votive candle on the top of each pumpkin. You should have a flat surface now that the stem has been removed. Finally, take a glass votive and set it on top of the candle for a unique look. You can also add a table runner or fabric for additional detail.

Pumpkin Floral Arrangement

Do you enjoy fresh flowers as your centerpiece? To jazz up a standard floral arrangement, use a pumpkin. Simply find a pumpkin and hollow it out. In the opening, add in a bouquet of fresh flowers. You can easily hide a water-filled vase at the center of the pumpkin, and your guests will be none the wiser!

Go Neutral

When attending a Thanksgiving dinner, most guests expect to see pumpkins or leaves on the table. Why not surprise your guests and go for a monochromatic design? Purchase white pumpkins and white flowers, sticking with the neutral tone. Use glass votives with white candles for a soft glow. You can use the neutral palette in many ways, from white to gray or brown.

Coffee Candles

Want your DIY holiday table to smell fabulous for weeks at a time? If so, create a coffee candle centerpiece. Use large glass votives and place a colorful votive candle at the center. Surround the votive with your favorite coffee bean for a unique look that also smells wonderful! You can also use ribbon or twine to dress up the glass votives.

Any of the above DIY ideas will help you to have a lovely, memorable DIY holiday table this year! For all of your decorations and supplies, visit Cape Ace. We’ll help you gather everything that you need this season.