This time of year, there are lots of guests coming and going. Once the last person leaves, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve successfully made it through another holiday season. Unfortunately, now it’s time to clean up and settle back into a routine. Follow these seven cleaning tips for after the holidays.

1. Don’t wait to take down the Christmas tree.

after the holidays cleaning

Taking down the Christmas tree can get messy fast. There’s bound to be stray ornaments and pine needles everywhere. Use storage containers and bins to organize the ornaments. For the pine needles, we recommend sweeping them with a rubber broom. Pine needles tend to stick to regular bristles and they can clog a vacuum. 

2. Clean up the floors.

Over the past couple of weeks, your floors have seen mud, snow and lots of crumbs. Give the carpets and rugs a good deep clean. If you have wood or vinyl floors, make sure you get the proper cleaning products to protect them. Also, don’t overlook the doormats. Shake off leaves and other debris, then vacuum or wash them depending on any specific cleaning instructions.

3. Put away all the new gifts.

Even after the holidays, you might still have new gifts lying around, especially if you have kids. Set aside time to find a new home for everything. If you have too much stuff, donate your old things to make room for the new. Hang on to the gift bags and wrapping paper so you can reuse them next year. Similarly, consider saving all the holiday cards you received. You can refer back to them next season to get your friends’ addresses.

4. Deep clean the appliances.

Chances are you’ve done a lot of baking and cooking lately. From pumpkin pie and turkey to ham and casseroles, your oven has seen it all. Thus, give all your appliances a good scrub-down. Make sure to do the stovetop, microwave, and dishwasher. If you have a KitchenAid or blender, clean those, too. When you get to the fridge, go through and remove anything that’s expired. Sometimes, leftovers can get pushed to the back of the shelf and be forgotten.

5. Clean out your car.

Your house isn’t the only thing that needs cleaning after the holidays. With all the mud and snow, your car has probably seen better days. Not to mention, the interior likely has some shopping receipts and coffee cups. Take it through a car wash or pick up some supplies to wash it at home.

6. Take down the Christmas lights.

Lights may make your home look beautiful and festive, but they’re not always easy to put up. It’s tempting to leave them there all year round. But, you run the risk of the bulbs getting damaged. So, grab a ladder, take down the lights and remove any nails and hooks. Replace any broken bulbs now, so you don’t have to worry about it next year.

7. Bring some fresh scents into the home.

Once you’re done the cleaning, finish off all your hard work with some fresh scents. Use cleaning products with fresh fragrances or light a candle. Additionally, you might consider making a DIY simmer pot to retain some holiday cheer. To do so, try heating water, cinnamon sticks, and apple slices, or any other ingredients you prefer, in a pot on the stove.

After the holidays, it’s a great opportunity to clean up, get organized and prepare for a fresh start. If you need any cleaning or storage supplies, stop by Cape Ace Hardware in Annapolis, MD. We’ll help you find everything you need to breathe fresh life into your home. Do you have any cleaning tips for after the holidays?