It’s time to get those creative juices flowing and put your paint brushes to good use. This time, we’re talking about DIY chalk paint projects. Chalk paint is a thick, matte paint that’s used to make furniture appear aged or distressed. If you’re always thrifting vintage pieces or you can’t seem to get enough rustic farmhouse décor, then chalk paint is right up your alley. It’s not to be confused with chalkboard paint, which is for those fun feature walls you can draw on. Instead, let’s dive into some unique and creative ways to use chalk paint around the home.

Weathered Wood Dressers

chalk paint projects 1Do you have a dresser, table, shelf or cabinet in need of a new look? Give it a rustic revival with a coat of chalk paint. Thanks to the paint’s chalky, aged texture, it will make the dresser look as if it came straight from the flea market. The best part is that it’s so easy to do. You can skip the sanding and priming and get right to painting. It goes on smooth with excellent coverage, so very little prep is necessary. As long as the surface is clean and dry, you’re good to go. And, did you know that chalk paint comes in a variety of colors? Magnolia Home Chalk Style Paint by Joanna Gaines comes in blush pinks, garden greens, mustard yellows, and dusty blues, to name a few.

Vintage Chandeliers

Chalk paint can add authentic vintage charm to any chandelier. It’s a full coverage paint that works well on top of most surfaces. For example, you can paint over lacquer, resin, plastic, wood, glass, brick and more. So lighting fixtures are prime candidates for an old-school redesign. For this project, we recommend using Amy Howard Chalky Mineral Spray Paint. It’s best to use spray because then you can get into all the chandelier’s little nooks and crannies. You won’t have to worry about those pesky hard-to-reach spots. And, since chalk paint is so thick and opaque, a single coat is usually enough to get the job done. Once the paint dries, hang it up and bask in the room’s new vintage vibes.

Shabby-Chic Décor

chalk paint projects 2

Chalk Paint Mason Jars make beautiful decor for window sills, tables, and porches. Image Source: Pinterest

Chalk paint is perfect for a lot more than just furniture and lamps. For instance, do you have a wicker basket lying around? Take it from bland to beautiful with chalk paint. After all, why spend money on new baskets, when you can just DIY the ones you already have? Just choose your favorite shade and add a quick coat of paint. You don’t have to be an expert or an artist to make chalk paint projects look good. Plus, you can use chalk paint on mason jars, old milk bottles, and picture frames, too. Painting small accessories like these help tie the whole home together with that country-style or vintage look you love.

Get Painting Today

What will your first chalk paint projects be? Whatever you decide, you can find all your supplies at Cape Ace Hardware in Annapolis, MD. We carry paint brushes, rollers, stencils and everything else you need to make your project special. Come in today to check out our chalk paint selection, featuring top brands like Magnolia Home, Amy Howard and more.