We have all had one of those shopping trips where we felt like we were running all over the planet to get a few simple items. Or, remember that time you were heading out the door realized that you needed a last minute gift? And, there is nothing that can be more disheartening when you are trying to find an item and the store seems to be a ghost town.

Cape Ace understands, and we have worked to be “The Place” that customers come to find everything they need, plus have a pleasant experience.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Cape Ace is the best hardware store in Annapolis.

1. Locally Owned

The store is owned by residents of Cape St. Claire, and we all care about our community. We have been a corporate sponsor for many events supporting the area. We hold special events in the store to encourage the community to get together and connect.

2. Conveniently Located

Our store is located in the heart of the Broadneck Peninsula in the Cape St. Claire shopping center. Many of our customers tell us they love that we are “right around the corner.” It is reassuring to know that if you have run out of fuses or light bulbs, and one unexpectedly blows you can run to Cape Ace and pick one up easily.

3. Friendly Staff

Most of our staff is from the area, and customers recognize us and we recognize them. We know many of them on a first name basis, and vice versa. When you walk into Cape Ace, you will always feel welcome.

4. Quirky Selection of Doodads

Doodads are fun items you never knew you needed, but once you see them, you realize that you must have them! They make excellent gifts, too.

5. Unexpected Services

If you need a spare house key or are interested in adding a decorative touch to your home, Cape Ace can help. We offer any of the products and services of a big box store, but we can be more attentive.

6. Amazing Customer Service

Our staff knows our products and the store inside out. If you are looking for an item, we will take you to it. If you have a question about a product, we can answer it. Because we are familiar with the multiple uses of many of our products, we can offer advice on what will best serve your needs.

7. Extensive Inventory

Cape Ace has many unexpected products, we also have the items you would expect from a hardware store: fittings for plumbing, nuts and bolts, electrical equipment, quality interior and exterior house paints, and so much more. Our motto is “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it.”

8. Seasonal Items

In the summer, we have all the things you need for a backyard bar-b-cue. In the winter, we have what you need to decorate for the holidays. If you need snow shovels or leaf bags, or sprinklers to water your lawn, Cape Ace has it!

9. Exceptional Pet Selection

We are proud of our selection of pet supplies. Cape Ace is a pet-friendly store. There have been many days where we take our pets into work. We appreciate that pets love us unconditionally add to the quality of our lives. We want to help you care for these family members as best as we can. Check out our accessories, toys, food, and more.

10. Comparable Prices

Just because we are not a huge mega store, does not mean our customers pay more. We offer comparable pricing and amazing specials on many investment items like gas grills. Our weekly flier is filled with sales that can’t be beat by many of our competitors. The shelves are filled with many items to meet any budget.

If you haven’t visited us, we encourage you to come in and see why Cape Ace is the best hardware store in Annapolis, and it’s surrounding areas.  We feel we have become a part of the community. Our customers are friends, and we strive to serve them. We welcome your feedback and are constantly trying to improve for you.