You may have been considering transitioning your house from traditional incandescent light bulbs to more energy efficient LED lighting. Now more than ever this makes sense. There are many benefits of LED lighting in the home, most of all, saving money. Here are seven compelling reasons to make the switch.

1. Last Longer

LED’s have a longer lifespan that traditional light bulbs, lasting up to 60,000 hours compared to only 1,500 hours. LED bulbs last over 10 times longer than fluorescent bulbs. This longevity translates into a six-year lifespan if you keep the lights on for 24 hours a day!

2. Energy Efficiency

LED’s consume 90 percent less power than incandescent bulbs, therefore dramatically reducing monthly energy costs. It also saves in maintenance and replacement costs due to the long LED lifespan. Although LED light bulbs cost more than traditional bulbs, and there is an initial investment, your costs will quickly be recouped in lower electricity costs.

3. Improved Sustainability

LED light bulbs do not contain any toxic materials and are 100 percent recyclable. Unlike fluorescent lighting which uses mercury and could pose a danger to the environment. These bulbs help reduce your carbon footprint by up to 30 percent. Because of their longevity, you also buy less, hence saving on materials and production. All great steps toward a healthier planet!

4. Tough and Durable

You can use LED lights in the roughest conditions. They are resistant to shock, vibrations, and external impacts, making them ideal for outdoor use. The bulbs weather through wind and rain, even vandalism. LED perform well in extreme cold and low outdoor temperature settings, such as for outdoor winter or freezer rooms, etc.

5. No UV Emissions

Because LED lighting produces only slight infrared light and almost no UV emissions, they are suitable in sensitive situations as well. They emit very little radiated heat. You can use the bulbs to illuminate delicate materials such as artwork or antiques.

6. Better Light Dispersement

Incorporating LED lighting in your home helps achieve a better application efficiency, especially in the kitchen. They are designed to focus light. Therefore, you can strategically direct the light for increased workspace illumination.

7. Improved Safety

LED lights generate almost zero heat, compared to incandescent bulbs which expel 90 percent of their energy consumed via heat. LED’s remain cool to the touch, always, hence, they can stay lit for hours without incident. The result is a drastic reduction in safety risks such as burns or fires.

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