We all dread planning and packing for trips, especially the beach. Not to mention, once you finally arrive, you have to haul everything all the way Beach Tips for Packingto the shore and back. And, more often than not, you probably forget to bring something or an item gets damaged by the sand or surf. At any rate, making a trip to the beach can be a messy, frustrating experience. So, next time you plan a beach trip, try out these creative and inexpensive beach tips that may save you the trouble.

Use a Fitted Sheet

If you want to keep sand out of your lounge area on the beach, try this hack that only requires one household item. Just take an old fitted sheet and use a cooler, beach bags, or even an umbrella, and stretch out the corners around the items. No more gritty, sandy towels!

Bag the Phones

Did you know that it’s actually possible to keep sand and water off of your phone and still use it? Simply, place the phone in a Ziploc bag or any plastic sandwich bag and zip it up tight. Surprisingly, it works very well and protects your phone all day.

Aloe Ice Beach Tips

Make Aloe Ice Cubes

This DIY hack is a lifesaver for those pesky sunburns. All you’ll need to do is freeze some aloe gel in a large ice cube tray, and store them in your beach cooler. The cool ice coupled with soothing, healing Aloe Vera gel will bring immediate relief to hot, painful sunburns.

Bring the Baby Powder

Cleaning the sand off of the little ones before getting into the car can be messy and difficult. To make things easier, just sprinkle some baby powder over their fingers and toes, and the sand will fall off effortlessly.

Freeze Water BalloonsWater Balloons Beach Tips

This beach tip is as fun as it is functional. Before the trip, freeze a bunch of colorful water balloons and place them in the cooler to keep all of your snacks and drinks cool. Then, at the end of the day, you can have an epic water balloon fight!

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