What birds need in Fall:

Fall is a great time to feed the birds, and the right autumn bird feeding tips can help birders attract a wide variety of both resident species and migrating birds to their backyard buffet.


  • Energy to prepare for migration
  • Substitute food supplies once seed crops have been harvested

 How you can help:

  • Fill feeders with nutritious sunflower, safflower and thistle seed.
  • Add suet feeders. The fat and protein in suet cakes is concentrated energy for birds.

Reasons to Feed

Autumn is a dynamic, ever-changing season, and it can be a very rewarding time to feed birds. Birders should always keep their feeders stocked in fall to…

  • Help resident birds build fat reserves for energy once they begin migration.
  • Provide an easy food source for any migrating birds passing through the area.
  • Offer supplemental food when natural food sources begin to be depleted.
  • Attract the first winter bird species and encourage them to remain nearby all season.
  • Help birds imprint on the location of reliable food sources so they will return to the same place in the spring.

By feeding birds in autumn, not only do birders assist migrating birds, but they also help other migrants learn where to go next spring for good food, which will increase the size and diversity of their backyard flock.