The new year has begun and the holiday decorations are slowly coming down. But don’t get too sad, because, with little work, your holiday decorations can transform beautifully into wintertime décor that can last throughout the season. Simple materials like neutral metallics, natural elements, and snow-inspired trinkets can help you create stunning after Christmas décor. This year, decorating your table, mantle, and front door is a breeze.

after Christmas décor 1

Image Source: The Girl Inspired

Rustic Pine Cone Wreath

Natural elements, like branches and pine cones, are the ideal wintry weather accessories. Although pine cone wreaths can be created during the fall, they are an attractive decoration until the spring bloom. Try this DIY for a beautiful rustic pinecone wreath.

Colorful Yarn Pine Cones

Add some color! Wrap colorful yarn around the bottom of a few pinecones and tie a tight knot. Then, drape the garland over a fireplace mantel, table, banister or any space in your home that could use a little holiday cheer.

Snowy Pine Cone Jars

Create a fast and effortless replacement for your holiday table centerpiece with a snowy pine cone jar. Simply, fill a mason jar with about an inch of Epsom salt and place a candle inside. Then, decorate with pine cones and Snow-Tex around the opening of the jar for cozy and warm thoughts.

Frosty Branches

Create a winter wonderland inside your home using branches, glitter, white spray paint, and Epsom salt. Particularly, decorate your tabletops and mantel with these frosty branches!

after Christmas décor 2

Image Source: Tidy Mom

Waterless Snow Globes

Engage in a fun family activity by creating waterless snow globes. Also, when grouping these snow globes, you form an attractive forest exhibit perfect for placement on a wintery table or mantel. All you need for this after Christmas décor is glass jars, white spray paint, glue (and glue gun), artificial snow, and mini Christmas trees and snowmen.

Oversized Snowflakes Wall Art

A wonderful way of spending a cold winter day inside is crafting oversized snowflakes wall art. And, the results from this popsicle stick snowflake design is subtle but festive. Not to mention, only three materials are needed for this project: a glue gun, spray paint, and popsicle sticks. You can either use your imagination or search the web for snowflake designs.

Gold Tone and White Winter Mantel

Don’t hurry and put all of the holiday décor away. Instead, ready your mantle for the wintry season. Group gold tones and white trees to create a background display that lasts through the winter.

Sparkly Display

Before packing away all of your holiday decorations until next Christmas, set aside the silver, gold, and white accessories and trees. Neutral tones go wonderfully together to create a stunning winter display.

after Christmas décor 3

Image Source: Stone Gable

Woodland Mantel Display

Evergreen is delightful throughout the winter. In exchange for your more Christmassy type accents, place modest white snowflakes and accessories around your mantel for a cool wintry look.

Get busy decorating today! With little effort, you can transform your holiday decorations into brilliant after Christmas décor that lasts all winter long. And, after you are finally finished using your holiday decorations, make sure that you store them properly for next season. For some helpful tips for organizing and storing your decorations, read up on our blog.