Winterizing Your Home in Maryland

Residents in the Cape St. Claire and Broadneck area know the winter can include blustering winds and bitter temperatures. Preparing your home for frigid days and nights can be simple if you follow a specific checklist.

Here are 11 tips to get your home ready for winter and hopefully save money on your winter energy bills.

      1. Clean debris off your roof, and replace loose shingles. These small precautions can prevent leaks, especially if snow is on the roof for an extended period.
      2. Trim tree branches, especially any that are close or touching your house. Limbs can get weighed down with ice and snow which can cause them to break off, potentially landing on your roof or cause other property damage.
      3. Wrap pipes with insulation to prevent freezing. In a pinch, you can even use a 1/4 inch thickness of newspaper and duct tape.
      4. Seal any drafts around windows, wall joints, light fixtures, electronic outlets, where plumbing enters/leaves the home.
      5. Seal cracks in your foundation and close any foundation or exterior vents.
      6. Vacuum indoor heating vents and replace furnace filters.
      7. To help prevent frozen or burst pipes you should shut off and drain the landscaping irrigation system, and disconnect and drain outdoor hoses.
      8. Consider installing a programmable thermostat.
      9. Remove and store all window unit air conditioners.
      10. Be sure to keep your fireplace damper closed when not in use.
      11. Set your thermostat to the same temperature, day or night. A constant temperature prevents sharp drops in temperature, which can lead to frozen pipes. Although it may seem costly, this little bit of prevention could save money if a pipe were to burst.

The customer care professionals at Ace Hardware in Cape St. Claire can recommend a variety of products, such as weather stripping, plastic sheeting, or DIY foam insulation. The store also has a specific section organized to help you gather all the items you need to winterize your home. The knowledgeable customer service staff at Ace Hardware is available to answer your questions.

Stop by your Cape Ace and let the knowledgeable staff help you prepare your home for the frigid winter temps. They have all products you will need to be ready for any unexpected storms, sudden temperature drops, and blustery days or nights. One visit and you will see why we are the best hardware store in Annapolis.

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